Dairy products

Absolutely hygienic

Hygiene comes first

For highest hygienic demands, as required in the dairy industry, the filling and packaging lines of our TA series can be equipped with the following optional equipment

  • Efficient, reliable packaging sterilization
  • Ultra-clean equipment with closed housing
  • Laminar flow zone with sterile air
  • Automatic CIP/SIP systems



Our machines can be designed individually by selecting and combining numerous equipment options:

  • Servo-driven carrier plate transport
  • Quick changeover system for format plates
  • Controlled container magazine with denester
  • Container monitoring by sensors
  • Container storage time for up to 20 minutes
  • Dust and particle exhaustion for containers
  • Container sterilization with H2O2 or UV-C
  • RCF filling stations in CIP design
  • Product supply via hopper or pressure compensation vessel
  • Diving cut-off nozzle in CIP design
  • Housing in ultra-clean hygienic design
  • Laminar flow zone with sterile air
  • Magazine and applicator for pre-cut foils
  • Pull-out magazine loader for pre-cut foils
  • UV-C sterilization for pre-cut foils or snap-caps
  • Pre-sealer affixes the applied pre-cut foils
  • Heat-sealing station for pre-cut foils or rollstock material
  • Blanking press with foil/film unwinding and residue rewinding system
  • Container pressuring device
  • Seal integrity control
  • Lid magazine with lid applicator
  • Snap cap storage time for up to 20 minutes
  • Integrated date and text printer
  • Labelling
  • Quick changeover system for format plates
  • Siemens PLC with Sinamics servo technology
  • Operator panel with touch screen
  • Documentation and output of operating data
  • Container lifter
  • Conveyor belts for container discharge
  • Integrated checkweigher
  • Integrated container packer

Advantages of our TA lines for dairy products

  • Individual adaptability by modular design, various equipment options, a wide range of services and retrofitability
  • Very high hygienic standard by hygienic design, CIP/SIP cleaning and optional packaging sterilization
  • Highest flexibility by modern servo technologies, a wide dosing range and quick format changeover
  • Highest output by modern technology, a high degree of automation and operator-friendly handling
  • Excellent availability by high quality, longevity, process control and remote servicing


Technical specifications

  • Transport system with up to 10 lanes
  • Single or double advance feed
  • Up to 30.000 containers per hour

Do you have any queries regarding our machines? We will be pleased to help you planning and implementing a solution for your specific application. Contact us via: