Linear line RCR

Linear line RCR →

Quick changeover with the touch of a button - for all formats.

Linear line TA

Linear line TA →

From small to large - for any production

Rotary machine RMS

Rotary machine RMS →

The compact classic

Cosmetic Lines

Cosmetic Lines →

Anti-Aging for your production

Dairy Lines

Dairy Lines →

Hygiene comes first

Lasagne Line

Lasagne Line →

From dough-cutting to cheese-filling

Sandwichline RCS

Sandwichline RCS →

A whole sandwich with one single line

Robot filling machine RCF

Robot filling machine RCF →

Filling machine for pumpable products

Particulate filler AWF

Particulate filler AWF →

Filling machine for non-pumpable products

Cleaning Systems P-CIP

Cleaning Systems P-CIP →

Single or multi-tank cleaning systems

Special equipment

Special equipment →

Pick-&-Place-systes, palletizers, final packaging systems...

Convenience products

Ready Meals

Ready Meals →

Filling into several tray compartments

Raw vegetable salads

Raw vegetable salads →

Fresh, ready-to-serve salads

Delicatessen salads

Delicatessen salads →

Potato salad, pasta salad, tzatziki...


Lasagne →

From dough-cutting to cheese-filling - all from one supplier


Sandwiches →

A whole sandwich with one single line


Cleaning Systems

Cleaning Systems →

Single or multi-tank cleaning systems

Special-purpose solutions

Special equipment

Special equipment →

Pick-&-Place systems, palletizers, final packaging systems...