Rotary machine RMS

Everything rotates around efficiency!

Advantages for your production

  • All functions freely programmable through servo technology
  • Maximum flexibility
  • High output
  • RCF filling machine with mobile chassis or integrated to the main line

Technical specification

  • Transport system with up to 6 lanes
  • Up to 19.800 containers per hour

Combination with filling machines

Depending on the product to be filled, the LIEDER particulate filler AWF orthe LIEDER filling machine RCF for pumpable products can be combined with the Lieder rotary machine RMS.

Particulate filler AWF
RCF filling machine for pumpable products

Hygienic Design

For highest hygienic demands as in the dairy industry our RMS offers

  • Efficient, reliable packaging sterilization
  • Ultra-clean equipment with closed housing, lanminar flow zone with sterile air
  • Automatic CIP/SIP systems


The rotary machine RMS can be fitted with the following options:


Equipment options

Product range

  • Delicatessen salads
  • Dairy products
  • Margarine
  • Jams etc.

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