RCF – The perfect filling machine

Precise and clean filling of pumpable products even with particulates

This filling machine doses fluid to highly viscous products.

  • High cycle rate
  • High weight accuracy
  • Product protecting
  • Up to 5 servo-controlled axes
  • Filling and decorating in the same operation step

Technical specification

Volume continuously adjustable
Design stainless steel
Electrical connection 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Output per filling head up to 70 cycles per minute
Number of filling heads 1 - 16

Advantages for your production

  • Proven quality based on more than 60 years of experience with LIEDER packaging machines
  • Freely programmable in all axes
  • Ideal adaptation of the filling behaviour in case of sudden changes of product consistency during operation
  • Storage and recall of filling parameters by pushbutton
  • Change of filling programmes by pushbutton
  • Different filling programmes: Positioned / layered / filling and garnishing in one step
  • Product changeover by push-button
  • A mobile chassis allows for using of the RCF at different production lines
  • The RCF is an automatic filling machine which does not require a permanent operatorThe RCF is an automatic filling machine which does not require a permanent operator

Product ranges

Pumpable products
Butter spread
Chili con carne
Cottage cheese
Delicatessen salads
Cream cheese
Mashed potato
Potato salad
Curd cheese
Red fruit jelly
Chocolate spread
Canned food for animals

Cosmetic products
Hair dyes


  • 4th and 5th servo-controlled axis for decoration purposes
  • CIP design
  • Mobile chassis
  • Individual solutions for product supply to the filling unit


  • Any type of containers, such as cups, trays, buckets, tubs or bowls
  • All materials

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