Particulate filler AWF

The automation of manual filling for lumpy and pourable products

The best employee you could ever have

  • Suitable for a wide range of products
  • Fast product changeover
  • Fast cleaning process
  • High payback
  • Compact design
  • Operator-friendly


  • Spaghetti feeder for long-fibrous and lumpy products
  • Flghted elevator
  • Lift and tip device
  • Mobile chassis

Advantages for your production

  • Proven quality based on more than 60 years of experience with LIEDER packaging machines
  • Mobile chassis allows a flexible use at different positions of the line
  • Ideal adaptation to the most diverse products by pushbutton
  • Storage and recall of filling parameters by pushbutton
  • Special design of filler parts facilitates a fast product changeover
  • Easy-clean design of the filler parts
  • Automated filling process – no permanent operator required
  • Automated product feeding via flighted elevator or lift and tip device

Technical specification

Volume continuously adjustable
Filling volume 10 to 5000g
Electrical connection 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Output per filling head up to 40 cycles per minute
Number of filling heads 1 to10


  • Any type of containers, such as cups, trays, buckets, tubs or bowls
  • All material

Product examples for filling with the AWF

In this section, we present you a selection of various approved lumpy and pourable product examples for filling with the filling machine AWF.

Ready meal components

Packaging of pasta

Packaging of noodles/pasta, such as spaghetti, agnolotti, fusilli, penne, spaetzle or tagliatelle. Extra equipment for careful filling.

Packaging of sliced vegetables

Packaging of diced or sliced vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and mixed vegetables.

Filling example for grated or diced cheese

Packaging of grated, granulated or diced cheese, cheese sticks, cottage cheese, parmesan.

Packaging of beans and chunked vegetables.

Packaging of legumes and chunked vegetables, such as kidney beans, peas, lentils broccoli or cauliflower.

Packaging of olives

Packaging of antipasti and olives. With extra equipment for careful filling.

Packaging of rice and rice mixtures

Packaging of rice and rice mixtures, such as paella or risotto.

Further filling examples: mushrooms, ravioli.


Packaging of vegetable mixtures

Packaging of vegetable mixtures.

Packaging of delicatessen salads

Packaging of delicatessen salads.

Packaging of durum salads

Packaging of durum salads, such as bulgur salads, tabouleh, couscous salad.

Packaging of pasta salad

Packaging of noodle/pasta salad.

Packaging of cabbage salad

Packaging of cabbage salad.

Further filling examples: fruit salad, raw vegetable salad.

Individual packaging

Packaging of meatballs

Packaging of meatballs such as rissole, köttbullar, 'Königsberger Klopse'. With extra equipment for particularly careful filling.

Packaging of caviar

Packaging of different types of caviar.

Further filling examples: fruits, muesli, nut mixtures, chocolate flakes, chocolate sprinkles, sugar sprinkles, nuts, crunchy cereals, rungs, gyros, kebab, diced meat, topping, dried fruits, pet food.

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