Cosmetic lines

Anti-Ageing for your production by ROBOT FOOD TECH

Technical specification

  • All functions servo-controlled
  • Format plates in quick changeover version
  • Automatic height adjustment via recipe selection


1 lane up to 65 jars/minute
2 lanes up to 130 jars/minute
  Single or double cycle


  • Plastic jars
  • Glass jars
  • Tin boxes
  • Dispensers


Closure types

  • Heat-sealing of foil/film lids, pre-cut or from rollstock
  • Crimping of foil lids, especially for tin boxes
  • Protective covers
  • Slip-on caps
  • Screw caps
  • Dosing pistons for dispensers
  • Bottom caps for dispensers

Advantages of our cosmetic lines:

  • Individual adaptability by modular design, various equipment options, a wide range of services and retrofitability
  • Highest flexibility by modern servo technologies, a wide dosing range and quick format changeover
  • Highest output by modern technology, a high degree of automation and operator-friendly handling
  • Excellent availability by high quality, longevity, process control and remote servicing
  • Highest hygienic demands are met by smooth surfaces, CIP / SIP capability as well as easy-to-clean components based on our experiences in the food industry.


The standard version of our cosmetic lines is equipped with:

  • Carrier plate transport
  • Jar supply via rotation table
  • RCF filling station
  • Heat-sealing station for pre-cut foils
  • Screwing station with servo-controlled vacuum heads
  • Outfeed conveyor

In addition, we offer various equipment options which are described in the following.

Jar supply

  • Jar supply via rotation table or external supply system
  • Acoustic and visual alarm, when recharging is necessary
Kosmetik 9

Dust and particle suction

The dust and particle exhaustion system removes contaminations and foreign matters from the containers in order to avoid any contamination of the product.


Kosmetik 2

Filling system

  • Up to 4 servo-controlled axes (piston actuation for product suction and ejection, rotation of the valve, lifting and lowering of the jar, actuation of the jar rotation device)
  • Highest filling accuracy for small as well as large filling weights
  • Optimum filling pattern by servo-controlled lifting and lowering of the jar and by jar rotation device (optional equipment)
  • Ideal product cut-off and minimum nose formation by variable filling parameters as well as programmable suck back function and lowering of the jar
  • Entirely heatable filling group, e.g. for wax filling
  • Quick changeover system for product changes without emptying the hopper. Exchange of filling group by trolley
  • Manual or automatic CIP/SIP cleaning


Jar rotation device

  • Prevents air entrapment, e.g. for shoulder jars
  • Parallel processes of jar rotation, jar lowering and ejection of the product
  • Ideal adaptation thanks to servo technology
Füllsystem Kosmetik

Heat-sealing station for pre-cut foil/film lids

  • Application of pre-cut foil/film lids from a magazine
  • Servo-controlled foil/film lid applicator with jar centering device, ensures an exactly centered application of the lids on the jars
  • Foil lid applicator can also be used for protective covers
  • Pre-sealer prevents the foil/film lid from shifting during transport

Sealing station with film blanking press for foils/films from rollstock

  • Foil/film unwinding and residue rewinding system
  • Reduction of cutting residues through individual actuation of the unwinding/rewinding roll (in multi-lane design)
Kosmetik 6

Quick changeover system for blanking presses

  • High quality blanking unit with user-friendly quick changeover system
Kosmetik 3

Optional equipment for the heat-sealing station

  • Heat-sealing of plastic jars with jar centering device
  • Special multistage heat-sealing procedure for glass jars to optimally equalize unevenesses of the sealing rim
  • Crimping station
  • Heat-sealing parameters (temperature, sealing time and pressure) are individually adjustable
Kosmetik 7

Screw cap closure

  • Screw cap supply via unscrambling system or storage table
  • Servo-controlled screwing head, torque-controlled with forward/backward rotation in multi-axial design
  • Final screwing head

Optional equipment for the screwing station

  • Gripper tool for the exact reception and positioning of the screw caps, simply retrofittable to vacuum screwing head system
  • Especially for susceptible screw caps
Kosmetik 8

Discharge of filled and closed jars

  • Control station for screwed caps
  • Ejector for not properly screwed caps
  • Outfeed conveyor straight on or to the right or left side

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