Drag chain conveyor MT

The machine that grows with your business

Advantages of the MT

The drag chain conveyor MT is a transport system in the lower price segment which is characterised by its flexible applications as well as easy operation and cleaning. Thanks to its compact design the drag chain conveyor MT is as space-saving as a rotary machine with all the advantages of a modular linear line.

The containers are transported to the stations of the machine by individually designed catches which are connected to the transport chain. The high-quality transport chain is driven by a servo drive which allows for an optimum adaptation of the acceleration and braking processes to individual circumstances. In case of a format changeover the conveyor is adapted within shortest time by the operator without any tools. Due to the servo drive the distance between the catches can be adjusted on the operator panel and be stored in the individual format.

Depending on the production requirements the drag chain conveyor MT can be equipped with different stations for the filling and packaging of different products.

Therefore the MT can not only be used as full-featured production line, but also as intermediate segment for heat sealers or labelling units.

Thanks to its cost-efficient price, short delivery time and high flexibility by retrofitting other modules the drag chain conveyor MT is an ideal entry model for the automation of smaller productions as well as a perfect addition to existing production lines.

Technical specifications

  • 1 or 2 lane conveyor
  • up to 4,800 containers per hour
  • also for glass containers

Equipment options

  • Container magazine
  • Container loader
  • Dust extraction system
  • Product levelling
  • Pusher

Combination with filling machines

Depending on the product to be filled, the LIEDER drag chain conveyor MT can be combined with the different LIEDER filling systems or with filling machines of other manufacturers.

Particulate filling machine AWF
Robot controlled filling machine RCF


The open design of the drag chain conveyor allows fast and efficient cleaning even by untrained personnel.

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