Lasagne line RCR

From dough-cutting to cheese-filling – all from a single source

Process steps

Our lasagne line covers the following steps of lasagne production:

  • Dough supply towards the cutting machine
  • Longitudinal and transversal dough cutting
  • Transport of the cut lasagne sheets
  • Automated feeding of the container magazine
  • Container denesting
  • Transport of the containers in a bar transport
  • Filling of sauce
  • Placing of the lasagne sheets into the containers
  • Filling of cheese
  • Outfeed of the filled containers
  • Transport to the oven

Our line - your advantages

  • The whole line from one single source
  • All stations are controlled through a central operator panel
  • All functions servo-controlled
  • Minimum product loss
  • Large weight range
  • Format and product changes by push-button
  • Reproducibility of product quality
  • Optimum product presentation

Gantry robot

  • Up to 6 servo-controlled axes
  • Exact picking and placing of the lasagne sheets
  • Optimum positioning of the lasagne sheets into the containers
  • Individual storage of all parameters depending on the container sizes allows a quick adaptation to new formats
  • CIP of the whole machine, excluding the suction cups
  • Easy handling
  • Lasagne sheets are not folded

Filling machine RCF for sauces

  • High weight accuracy
  • Consistent layer thickness
  • Fully automated cleaning of the product hoses guarantees a high hygienic standard
  • Hopper with temperature and product level monitoring
  • Minimum product loss due to process control
RCF in RCR 6

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