Universal lines

3 machines - 1000 possibilities

Our universal lines are ideal for the filling and packaging of complex products such as gourmet salads, ready meals, raw vegetable salads, pizzas etc. Their modular construction allows for individual adaptation to customer needs. Depending on the specific requirements the following lines can be equipped individually with any required station.


Linear lines

  • Modular design allows the combination of different equipment options
  • Flexible subsequent adaptation in case of changed demands on product or production

Linear line RCR →

  • All functions servo-controlled
  • Flexible use for different formats
  • Quick format changeover by push-button
1-6 lanes, single or double cycle
35 – 300 cycles per minute

Linear line TA →

  • All functions servo-controlled
  • Hygienic design
  • Applicable for small, medium or large productions
1-10 lanes, single or double cycle
35 – 480 cycles per minute

Drag chain conveyor MT

  • entry model for small productions
  • as compact and cost-efficient as a rotary machine

Drag chain conveyor MT →

  • All functions servo-controlled
  • Easy handling
  • Compact design
  • Simple and fast cleaning
1-2 lanes
up to 4,800 containers per hour